About us

Posnet is the largest producer of fiscal cash registers in Poland. The company also distributes fiscal devices of well-known global brands.

30 years
on the market

For 30 years, we have been providing Polish entrepreneurs with fiscal devices adapted to the changing market trends, consumer needs and civilization challenges.

We are the leader of the fiscal industry in Poland.

We have 6 branches throughout the country, we employ about 250 high-class professionals, and we sell our devices through a network of 1700 authorized dealers.

30 years

During the three decades of our activity, we have prepared many innovative fiscal solutions for Polish entrepreneurs. All of them enjoyed great popularity and significantly improved and made running a business easier.

The Posnet communication protocol sets standards on the market and is used by other fiscal producers. The Temo fiscal printer is the smallest ONLINE fiscal device. And the Pospay ONLINE fiscal payment terminal is an innovative combination of a cash register, a fiscal printer and a payment terminal in one device.

The SAIO family of compact, modern POS devices is our next breakthrough achievement. These comprehensive fiscal solutions respond to the needs of entrepreneurs looking for small, tactile and universal fiscal devices.

and appreciation

Posnet products are very popular and reputable.

Our customers include such well-known companies as Biedronka, IKEA or McDonald's and many companies from the SME sector.

The recognition we enjoy is evidenced by numerous awards, e.g. we have won the Customer's Golden Laurel 13 times and the award of the Ministry of Development and Finance Good Design 2017.

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Posnet is 30 years of activity, dozens of excellent and sought-after products and many innovative fiscal solutions. Posnet is also people - our customers, Polish entrepreneurs, business partners and competent employees.

Posnet also means the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat guide us in our activities - reliability, honesty, responsibility. All this has built our credibility and high position on the market.

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