Advantages of the subscription

Get to know the business model thanks to which you have low start-up costs!

Posnet Vero
Rent instead of purchase

Posnet Vero consists of three elements:

  • fiscal printer
  • POS platform
  • selected sales application

You only buy an ONLINE fiscal printer. And you rent the POS platform and the sales application as part of a monthly subscription.

Posnet Vero
start-up costs

A POS set costs a few, and sometimes several thousand PLN. Meanwhile, Vero costs PLN 2 000 (minus a discount for the purchase of an ONLINE printer up to PLN 700). And a monthly subscription from PLN 100.

This means low start-up costs and no need for large investments in fiscal equipment when starting a business.


For you, the sharing economy means savings. You pay less because you only pay for the use of the chosen device.

You don't have to buy everything, but you can use everything. And this is exactly the case with the use of POS systems from the SAIO family.

of choice

Renting means that when you decide to change your business plans, you have room for maneuver and a freedom of choice. You use the POS platform and the sales application, but you can resign from them at any time.

And the purchased ONLINE fiscal printer is, even after resigning from the subscription, fit for further use.


Posnet provides a full warranty for the POS hardware platform throughout its lifetime. Thanks to this, you are provided with all system updates, and you do not have to worry about possible repairs.

You have a free head and you can focus only on developing your business.


Check how you can use SAIO POS. Find out how much you will save and what benefits await you!

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